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Droppe Philippines is the first Social Selling Platform that establish partnerships between seller and marketers to generate revenue and enhance personal brand.

Droppe Philippines ensures each product being sold is 100% checked its quality and performance to achieve customer satisfaction and make their money worth spending.

Droppe Philippines offers 7-Days Return/Refund Policy guarantee for customers security. Click this link for details about Return/Refund Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to start with Droppe?
  • Step 1: Sign up at
  • Step 2: Login your Account after you are redirected to Droppe Reseller Portal -
  • Step 3: Verify your account (KYC).
  • Step 4: Make your own Droppe Store Front and add some products in your personal store.
  • Step 5: Start sharing your Dropee Store Link to your Social Media Platforms and start earning for every purchase made via your own Droppe Links.
How to earn commissions from Droppe?
  • Method 1: Share your Droppe Store Link via Social Media Platforms.
  • Method 2: Share the product link to your client from your Droppe Store.
  • Every successful purchase from your Droppe Links will earn you commissions.
Why should I use Droppe Reseller Portal?
  • This is where you can check details all about Droppe Reselling.
Why should I use Droppe Landing Page or Store Link?
  • This is place to store all products you want to introduce and sell to your customers or followers.
When will I be paid?
  • As soon as your account reaches the minimum commission withdrawal amount, you can automatically withdraw money from Droppe.
Mode of Payment
  • Payment via Bank Account or E-wallet.
  • Transfer fee for every withdrawal requests.
What do I need to do to get paid?
  • All content in the Account Information and Personal Profile sections must be fully completed before pressing Withdraw. All details must be 100% correct to avoid problems during payout.
Where to file a support request in case of problem?